Database of Analytics Programs and Course Syllabi

Visit here to search the new, comprehensive INFORMS database of university analytics programs and analytics course syllabi in the U.S. Our database of programs enables you to search by location, specialty, program type and more. You can also review and search our library of analytics course syllabi, seeing what other courses offer in topics and methodologies covered, software used, cases and datasets, projects, text and readings, etc. Use the INFORMS database to research and compare before creating or updating your analytics courses.

Resources on Cases and Datasets

Repositories of business cases and datasets are provided, with links for more information. For each resource, you will find a general description of its content, plus information on how to access the materials. Download the resource.

Resources on Analytics Education

These articles and studies provide an important overview of analytics in academia, curricula for undergraduates, program benchmarking, and more.

Analytics Magazine

Analytics provides readers with an understanding of how data, modeling, and mathematical analyses are used to drive better business decisions. Inside Analytics, you will find content that showcases the impact of analytics on organizational decision making. Topics include descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics; corporate case studies; analytics in different industries; visualization; and more. Regular features include Five Minute Analyst, Analyze This!, Thinking Analytically, Executive Edge, and Profit Center.

OR/MS Today

OR/MS Today provides a comprehensive look at analytics and operations research through news stories, feature articles, case studies, software reviews, and surveys by recognized leaders in the field. Topics include modeling overviews; corporate success stories; software surveys; classified ads for analytics job openings; salary surveys and employment outlooks.

Franz Edelman Competition and Wagner Prize Competition

INFORMS conducts two major industry/government best cases competitions each year. Teams from IBM, HP, the US Army, Centers for Disease Control, top international companies, leading consulting groups, and more bring their top work, fully documented, to these two competitions, whose impact has exceeded $200 billion since the competitions began. View the videos of these presentations in the INFORMS Video Learning Center.

If you have a question or would like to add your program to the One Stop Shop database, please use our Feedback Form or contact INFORMS at educationresources@informs.org